File Search and Replace 2.2 
Find and replace text in multiple files.

Multiple File Search and Replace is oriented toward webmasters, web developers, and search engine optimization (SEO) staff. The program does not require that you learn macro languages and read documentation. It has gathered together all functions necessary to accomplish these tasks, and presents them in a form of a convenient and understandable interface, not demanding excessive confirmations and actions from the user.

Search, find and replace text in multiple files. Make a change immediately in many files, find and replace text in various webpages, change descriptions and links, replace keywords and other metatags, repair inactive links, and redesign and optimize pages for search engines

The program will also be very useful in processing XML files, converting and pre-processing text files, deleting or modifying special symbols or line breaks, and for editing a large number of web pages and other text files. With this program, you can quickly fix HTML code, text, and hyperlinks, and insert new links or transform the design of the entire site.


Extract Email Addresses From Outlk Software -

Extract email addresses from an Outlk Inbox. Save results as a text file.

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Extract email addresses from an Outlk Inbox. Save results as a text file.
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